The Boulder Jewish Community Foundation

Our Mission
To create a culture and environment where Jewish life will thrive for all members of the Boulder Jewish community.

We Believe
We believe that the Boulder Jewish community consists of innovative and progressive members who want to create a meaningful Jewish experience for all; and the best way for us to be a strong vibrant community is to work together as a cohesive group.

What is the BJCF?
The BJCF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Boulder County Jewish Community by providing funds to a number of social service agencies, programs, and organizations that care for people in need, as well as to sustain and enhance Jewish life.

Who Do We Support?
We are the only public foundation whose grants solely fund organizations that support and foster all of the varied Jewish lives in Boulder County.

who we support

The BJCF was formed in 1995 to create a gathering place where Jewish life would flourish. Through community meetings and focus groups, the Boulder Jewish Community Center (JCC) was born. In 2005, the Boulder JCC had grown tremendously and was spun off to become it’s own organization. Since then, the BJCF has incubated several community wide initiatives in addition to supporting existing organizations. The Boulder Jewish News, the Boulder Jewish Community calendar, the Boulder Jobs Network, almost all of the synagogues and Jewish organizations including Jewish Family Services, etc.… Our goal has basically stayed the same since 1995. We fund organizations that assist people in need as well as ideas that sustain and enhance Jewish life in our community.